2017 will be the year that every single state in the country submits a bill to protect LGBT youth from conversion therapy

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What Is Conversion Therapy?

Few practices hurt LGBT youth more than attempts to change their sexual orientation or gender identity through so-called conversion therapy, which can cause depression, substance abuse, and even suicide.

But some mental health providers continue to subject young LGBT people to these practices—also known as “reparative therapy,” “ex-gay therapy,” or “sexual orientation change efforts”—even though they have been condemned by every major medical and mental health organization in the country.

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Why Now?

2016 has been pretty freaking terrible. For a lot of reasons. One of the worst reasons is that the work to remove conversion therapy abuse of LGBT youth is on the verge of moving many steps backward. And that's why we're starting this campaign.

Many have begun to mention that the incoming administration may actually support conversion therapy rather than recognize it for the dangerous and discredited practice that it is. But you can help. Join us as we start a national campaign to submit a conversion therapy bill in EVERY state. Yes, all 50.

Who Are We?

The 50 Bills 50 States Campaign was founded by Samuel Brinton on December 1st, 2016.

Sam is an ardent activist against the dangerous and discredited practices of conversion therapy. His work consists of weekly trips to universities across the country to share his experiences and to educate on how to pass legislation banning the practice. He has spoken before the United Nations, Google Headquarters, and Congress, and has also been featured in interviews with TIME, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Washington Post, The Guardian, New York Daily News, and many others. His motto: “You can’t change what I never chose.”

Sam is joined by hundreds of volunteers and collaborators. You can learn more about the amazing members of our leadership team and you can join too.

What Are We Doing?

First we raised funds. In less than a week over 180 donors gave over $10,000 to help support this project. These funds will be used to build this website to coordinate the efforts, create a video capturing the effort to protect LGBT youth in every state, printed materials for every state to start the legislation, a travel budget to visit states as needed to submit each bill, and a mental health budget to support survivors who help us start this work.

Next we begin the outreach. In each state we are searching and finding Ambassadors. These awesome volunteers will connect us to the local LGBT and equality groups as well as recommend state legislators which may be amenable to submitting legislation. It is critical that this work start with constituents on the ground in these states.

Following the Ambassador stage, we hope to make the local LGBT and state equality groups our Partners. We will discuss the work to be done and strategize who in the state legislature is most likely to be supportive.

Once we find a state legislator it’s off to the races with discussion, research, and legislative writing until we submit a bill.

This is an archive of the original 50 Bills 50 States website. Visit the new website at The Trevor Project »